Some careers are considered prestigious than others. Being a good electrician is one of the dreams that every learner in the field will struggle to attain. However becoming a skilled electrician comes with much determination to look, listen and learn. Heavy tasks like; digging tunnels and crawling in trenches is part of the career.


This article gives some five important qualities a good electrician should possess;

Personal skills

Electrician interacts less with people as most of their interactions is with the wires. However, social skill is an important trait for them. Communication is unavoidable in many careers. Proper word selection when addressing colleges and clients is important in creating a good working environment. Active listening to people and observing turn taking etiquette, learning to take instruction from seniors when beginning the career should be an aspect. Adequate observation skill help in gaining more knowledge.

Intellectual abilities

Becoming a great electrician is not a must you be a graduate of a technical college, it only requires a smart head on the shoulders. Mathematical skills are essential since the career is married to mathematics which means solving algebraic problems is a routine. Blueprints and other documents in the electric field require reading skills. Writing skills to properly write reports and blueprints should be demonstrated. Some challenges encountered are new or require critical thinking to handle, thus an electrician should be a critical thinker. click here for more info.

Good ethics

Societies are guided by moral ethics, advancing in the electrical field calls for good ethics. Honesty and integrity are the best virtues in many professions. In the line of duty, some challenges are difficult and require endurance and consistency to solve them. Working with different people is sometimes difficult and thus a good electrician should demonstrate self-control when ideas differ. Having a good attitude towards the career brings persistence despite the challenges faced.

Business skills

Every career is a business of its own kind. Electricians focus most of their energy to be the top paid professions in the working places. Good workers should adhere to timely task completion as time management is a sensitive tool in business.

Dedication to quality service delivery and good customer care services is what many like about good technicians. Clerical abilities to know what happens around an office is useful when rank advancement occurs. Effective team working spices up things in daily routines.

Adequate knowledge about safety codes

An electrician should be familiar with the National Electric Code and other safety procedures in the field. Learning new codes requires more research and dedication. However one gains experience with time. Being in the lookout of safety codes update vital to becoming a good electrician.

The above traits are what a good electrician should demonstrate in the work site when carrying on daily tasks. Students in the field are expected to work and achieve the qualities and be ready to learn on how to improve each of the above. Get in touch here.


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