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Direcway Star 7000 Broadband

Hardware Costs*
Complete system + 74cm - 1.2m dish - $1812.50
Complete system + 1.8m Dish - $2300.00
Complete system + 2.4m Dish - $4362.50

*Prices include dish, Azel mount, arms, head unit, Direcway Star 7000 modem.

Prices do not include FOB UK, shipping, installation, local support, permits, taxes, and duties.

The Direcway Star 7000 broadband satellite router passes IP data packets to and from any IP device on the LAN and has much of the functionality of a typical IP router. The Direcway Star 7000 incorporates HNS advanced Performance Enhancing Proxy (PEP) feature, which increases throughput performance and maximizes the users experience and satisfaction. The Direcway Star 7000 also supports HNS Turbo Page feature providing HTTP acceleration for lightning fast browser performance The Direcway Star 7000 fully integrates with Windows, Unix, Apple, Macintosh and other platforms running IP over internet. The Direcway Star 7000 supports VOIP and can coexist with the 1 port and 4 port HNS 6040 VOIP appliance.

Direcway Star 7000 Features