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Anka Yenilenebilir Enerji

Biogas is a flammable gas obtained as a result of processing biomass. Landfill gas is a mixture of different gases formed by the effect of microorganisms in the landfill. The produced biogas is generally converted into electrical energy that can be used locally or supplied to the electricity grid. It is possible to use the waste heat of the engines in the heating of buildings or greenhouses near the facility, drying straw, and air-conditioning barns.

Biogas contains siloxane gases that damage the gas engines used in electricity generation. The Regenerative Siloxane Removal System we have developed started as an R&D project supported by the Ministry of Industry and has become a system that eliminates the need for gas analysis and continuously supplies clean gas to engines. ANKA-Siloxane Removal System can separate siloxane from biogas up to 99%.

Benefits From Siloxane Removal

These values have been determined based on an average landfill gas power generation facility.
Keep in mind that we need your gas analysis first to know the exact values fro your plant.

    Overall maintenance costs

    $ / 1MW / Year

    Spare parts replacement costs

    $ / 1MW / Year

    Production loss during the head reconditioning and unexpected failures causing stoppage

    $ / 1MW / Year

    Power loss of the engine due to siloxane deposition resulting in knocking and wearing in gas engines

    $ / 1MW / Year

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